Hate Crime? Worcester, MA stunned after 17 year old lifeguard beaten and stabbed

City worried that no one will want to work as a lifeguard now

An unnamed 17-year-old lifeguard, working at Bell Hill Park in Worcester, MA informed a group of people that they were not allowed to drink alcohol on park property.

He was then beaten and stabbed by three adult Black males and an unidentified 17-year-old. The victim was rushed to the hospital and is now in stable condition.

The vicious attack has stunned the local community.

The victim is said to have just started his job. The named suspects are Celestine Bigirimana, 22, Melquan Jefferson, 23; Mohamed Abdullahi, 19. Bigirimana is said to be the ringleader. His name is Burundian, suggesting he is an African immigrant.

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2 years ago

Barbarians are being welcomed into our society with open arms, they attack our kids, and the response is “this is totally uncalled for”? The pussification of our society is complete. We can go extinct now like the good little lemmings we all are. JFC.