Gunman fires wildly as patrons leave trendy Seattle nightclub; 2 dead, 3 injured

The Seattle media doesn't want you to know any details

Trinity Nightclub is one of the premier nightclubs in the Seattle area. Sunday morning there was a mass shooting outside the bar as patrons were spilling out. One person died at the scene, and another died in the hospital.

According to Seattle media, a “male” was chasing another “male.” The media is censoring all descriptions of the perpetrator and his intended victim. There is a video of the suspect, but we can’t find a single local media outlet that even showed it.

The video, which the media won’t air, shows a Black male in a white and black hoodie chasing and shooting another Black male in a red hoodie. After that, he fires wildly down an alley. The Black male in the red hoodie is presumable the victim who died at the scene. Another four victims were shot, and one of them died in the hospital.

No information about the victims has been released.

Police say they received a 911 call about two males fighting in a bar near Pioneer Square. Then, shortly after that numerous 911 calls came in about other gunshot victims.

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