Foreigners made up 58% of convictions in Switzerland in 2022

Who could have imagined this?

On October 16th, 2023, the Federal Office of the Statistics in the Swiss Confederate published data on criminal convictions in 2022.

Among other things, they published the number of serious criminal convictions by nationality. This includes a total of 22,303 convictions and a staggering 128 different nationalities.

The percentage of Swiss nationals convicted of a serious crime was 0.3%.

The ten highest percentages were for Sierra Leone (3.4%), Angola (2.9%), Congo (2.8%), Nicaragua (2.7%), Cape Verde (2.6%), Congo (2.5%), Gambia (2.5%), Burundi (2.4%), Algeria (2.3%), and Mali (2.1%).

There is nearly a sixteen-way tie for the country with the lowest conviction percentage. These countries include Ireland, South Korea, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Malaysia, Israel, Belarus, the USA, the UK, Finland, Liechtenstein, India, Greece, Kazakhstan, and Cyprus.

Keep in mind that the number of foreign nationals from different nations varies wildly.

If we only look at groups with 4k or more residents, people from Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Iraq, and Eritrea have the highest conviction percentages. People from Ireland, Sweden, America, the United Kingdom, and Greece have the lowest. So, a clear pattern emerges.

Of the seven largest groups in the country, Turkey and Kosovo have the highest percentage of convictions at 0.8% each.

According to the Federal Office of Statistics, there are 74.9% are Swiss nationals. Switzerland has four linguistic regions, German, Italian, French, and Romansh. Foreign national from Italy Germany, and France make up another 9.4%. This group also has a conviction percentage of 0.3%

Swiss nationals, plus Germans, Italians, and French combined make up 84.3% of the country and 0.3% were convicted of a serious crime last year. This gives up another 15.7% with 0.6% being convicted of a serious crime.

The Federal Office of Statistics also states that 93,693 people were convicted of a crime. This includes lesser offenses and traffic offenses. Swiss nationals made up 42.5%, while foreigners accounted for 57.5%.


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