Another Eritrean riot in Switzerland

The Eritreans are at it again

On Easter Sunday, Eritreans conducted another riot in Switzerland, this time in Gerlafingen. When police ordered them to break it up, they rioted and fought with the cops. Water cannons were used to break up the riot.

Eritrean Riots:


July 8th – Giessen, Germany (2nd annual riot)
August 3rd – Stockholm, Sweden
August 5th – Toronto, Canada
August 5th – Seattle, USA
August 19th – Edmonton, Canada
September 2nd – Bergen, Norway
September 2nd – Tel Aviv, Israel
September 2nd – Opfikon, Switzerlan
September 17th – Stuttgart, Germany


February 17th – The Hague, Netherlands
February 17th – Charlotte, USA
March 31st – Gerlafingen, Switzerland


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