For the THIRD time in one year, a “violence prevention worker” has been murdered in Baltimore

Three "Violence Interrupters" for Safe Streets have been murdered in the past year

A mass shooter hit four people, killing three, on the east side of Baltimore. While the media has reported few details, one of the fatalities is a “violence interrupter” for the Safe Streets program.

DaShawn McGrier was on duty at the time, tasked with preventing violence from occurring along East Monument Street. According to a spokesman for Safe Streets, McGrier went to welding school during the day and worked for the program at night.

McGrier previously received a $500k settlement from the City of Baltimore after a Baltimore City Cop was sentenced to nine months in prison for breaking his jaw and a rib. An attorney for McGrier says he received about $300k after lawyers got their cut and planned to open a kennel and breed dogs with the money.

The most shocking part is that McGrier is the third “violence prevention worker” murdered in Baltimore in just one yearDante Barksdale was murdered in January of 2021 while working for Safe Streets. Kenyell Wilson was murdered in July of 2021 while working for Safe Streets.

Catholic Charities of Baltimore operates the Safe Streets program, with funding from the City of Baltimore. Mayor Brandon Scott is pumping tens of millions into violence prevention programs as part of a five-year plan that will allegedly reduce violent crime.

Safe Streets:

Safe Streets is based on the premise that violence is a disease that can be prevented using disease-control methods. Violence interrupters connect with high-risk individuals to defuse potentially violent situations, and link community youth with services, working within targeted neighborhoods with historically high levels of gun violence. By linking individuals and their families with educational opportunities, employment training and assistance, mental health services, substance abuse treatment and other crucial services, Safe Streets helps to provide young people with alternatives to a life of crime and violence.

Last year, Baltimore set a new all time record for the city’s highest homicide rate ever.

Year: Total Homicides (Population, Homicide Rate)

1977: 171 (826k, 20.7 per 100k)
1993: 353 (732k, 48.2 per 100k) former record for highest number and the highest rate
2011: 196 (630k, 31.1 per 100k) 18 year low for both total number and rate
2015: 334 (622k, 53.7 per 100k) new all time highest rate (year of major BLM riot)
2016: 318 (621k, 51.2 per 100k)
2017: 343 (620k, 55.3 per 100k)
2018: 309 (615k, 50.2 per 100k)
2019: 348 (609k, 57.1 per 100k) new all time highest rate
2020: 335 (586k, 57.2 per 100k) new all time highest rate

2021: 337 (584k, 57.7 per 100k) new all time highest rate

Baltimore also had 726 non-fatal shootings in 2021.

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