School shooter, who wounded four people, released after one day with an ankle monitor!

Is this what Black privilege looks like?

Timothy Simpkins, 18, shot three of his fellow students at his High School in Arlington, Texas. One is still listed as critical. Two others are in stable condition. A pregnant teacher was also injured. There are conflicting reports in the media. Some claim she was hit with a bullet. Some claim she was injured as people fled from the shooting.

Simpkins’s family is defending his actions, saying he was picked on for having wealthy parents. Simpkins was involved in a fight with a younger 15 year old student. Witnesses say that after losing the fight, he came back with a handgun and fired seven or eight rounds.

However, the most shocking detail of this story is that the shooter has already been released from custody.

For trying to murder fellow classmates, Simpkins, a full-grown 18-year-old adult, was given a $75k bail and an ankle monitor!

No wonder homicides are surging nationwide!

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