Flashback: Dana White sold Brown Pride merch while denouncing White Pride

Anti-White bigotry on display

For years, Dana White’s Ultimate Fighting Championship [UFC] licensed official merchandise with the slogan “Pride Brown.”

The merchandise was to promote Cain Velasquez, a fighter that sported a tattoo reading “Brown Pride” across his chest. Velasquez fought in UFC matches from 2006 to 2019. Some Latino fans would wave “Brown Pride” signs during his matches. “Brown Pride” bumper stickers were passed out to fans at least one UFC match featuring Velasquez.

However, in shocking displays of hypocrisy, Dana White aggressively denounced and demonized “White Pride” on multiple occasions.

Dana White also began pandering to the radical transsexual agenda in 2013. White suspended and fined Matt Mitrione from the UFC for complaining that Fallon Fox, a male transsexual, was being allowed to compete in a woman’s MMA matches.

Fox had his genitals surgically removed and initially began competing under the false pretense that he was a woman. When it was discovered that Fox was a man, he was still allowed to compete in women’s matches. However, these matches were not part of the UFC.

Dana White denounced Mitrione as a “jackass” and “an ignorant bigot” for calling Fox a “disgusting freak” during a radio interview. However, critics often accused White of allowing, if not actively encouraging, fighters to insult other fighters to generate hype and gossip. White has a history of using the same kind of crude language in pubic as well. Fallon Fox also has a history of really nasty public comments. Fox would go one to fracture Tamikka Brent’s skull within the first 39 seconds of a match.

Dana White is in the news again for a video that shows him and his wife slapping each other in a nightclub during New Year’s Eve.

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