Feds unseal indictments against two Iranian nationals who were part of a plot to impersonate the Proud Boys

Iranians e-mailed threats against Democrat voters while posing as "Proud Boys"

Last March, the Biden administration released a shocking claim that Iranian hackers posed as Proud Boys as part of an online campaign to interfere with the 2020 election. A report from the Director of National Intelligence claimed Iranians sent threatening e-mails to Democrat voters while impersonating the Proud Boys.

Today, the DOJ unsealed indictments against two Iranian nations for that plot. Besides sending threatening e-mails to Democrats, the DOJ says they also sent e-mails to Republicans claiming to have inside knowledge of a Democrat conspiracy. The e-mails utilized confidential voter data that hackers stole. Once again, the perps made the messages look like they came from the Proud Boys.

From DOJ:

“As alleged, Kazemi and Kashian were part of a coordinated conspiracy in which Iranian hackers sought to undermine faith and confidence in the U.S. presidential election,” said U.S. Attorney Damian Williams for the Southern District of New York. “Working with others, Kazemi and Kashian accessed voter information from at least one state’s voter database, threatened U.S. voters via email, and even disseminated a fictitious video that purported to depict actors fabricating overseas ballots. The United States will never tolerate any foreign actors’ attempts to undermine our free and democratic elections. As a result of the charges unsealed today, and the concurrent efforts of our U.S. government partners, Kazemi and Kashian will forever look over their shoulders as we strive to bring them to justice.”

In October 2020, members of the conspiracy, claiming to be a “group of Proud Boys volunteers,” sent Facebook messages and emails (the “False Election Messages”) to Republican Senators, Republican members of Congress, individuals associated with the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump, White House advisors, and members of the media. The False Election Messages claimed that the Democratic Party was planning to exploit “serious security vulnerabilities” in state voter registration websites to “edit mail-in ballots or even register non-existent voters.” The False Election Messages were accompanied by a video (the “False Election Video”) carrying the Proud Boys logo, which purported, via simulated intrusions and the use of State-1 voter data, to depict an individual hacking into state voter websites and using stolen voter information to create fraudulent absentee ballots through the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) for military and overseas voters.[1]

Also in October 2020, the conspirators engaged in an online voter intimidation campaign involving the dissemination of a threatening message (the “Voter Threat Emails”), purporting to be from the Proud Boys, to tens of thousands of registered voters, including some voters whose information the conspiracy had obtained from State-1’s website. The emails were sent to registered Democrats and threatened the recipients with physical injury if they did not change their party affiliation and vote for President Trump.

Six other Iranian citizens are being sanctioned by the US Treasury for their alleged role in election interference.

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