BLM leader brags about having personal knowledge of jury intimidation in Rittenhouse trial

Same BLM leader who is accused of trying to intimidate a judge in Minnesota

Cortez Rice is a militant BLM leader who alleges that he is “the nephew of George Floyd.” The family of George Floyd disputes this claim and says they have sent him a “cease and desist letter.”

Earlier this month, Rice led a protest outside an apartment complex where he claimed Hennepin County, Minnesota Judge Regina Chu lived. Rice even made a video of himself where he claims to be inside the apartment complex where Chu lives.

A woman from Little Rock, Arkansas named Tanya James was with Rice at Chu’s alleged apartment building. This week, James was filmed in front of the Kenosha courthouse screaming death threats against Kyle Rittenhouse.

Rice claims that he has direct knowledge of jury intimidation in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. He says he knows people that are videotaping the jurors and keeping tabs on them.


Tanya James with Cortez Rice at the BLM protest in Minnesota:

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