FBI: 57.6% of homicide suspects in 2022 were Black

The percentage keeps increasing

The FBI has finally released homicide data for 2022. In 2021, there was a huge decline in the number of police departments participating. The FBI made good on their promise to boost the number again in 2022.

The 2022 includes data from 83.2% of law enforcement agencies. This is up from only 69.7% in 2021. However, it is still less than the 88.9% that participated in 2020.

Homicide Victims:

Black: 55.9%
White/Latino/Other: 41.1%
Asians: 1.5%
American Indians: 1.4%
Hawaiian Natives: 0.2%

Note that “White” includes Latinos, North Africans, Middle Easterners, Central Asians, and others. Basically the term “Whites” means anyone who is not East Asian, Pacific Islander, or American Indian.

Known Homicide Suspects:

Black: 57.6%
White/Latino/Other: 39.5%
Asians: 1.2%
American Indians: 1.3%
Hawaiian Natives: 0.3%

The trend of Blacks increasing as a percentage of homicide suspects continued. If more police departments participated in 2021, the Black percentage would have probably been close to 57%.

Black percentage of known US homicide suspects:

2022, Blacks were 57.6%
2021, Blacks were 60.4% (Huge dip in participating agencies)
2020, Blacks were 56.6%
2019, Blacks were 55.9%
2018, Blacks were 54.8%
2017, Blacks were 54.2%
2016, Blacks were 53.5%
2015, Blacks were 53.3%
2014, Blacks were 53.0%

According to the US Census, Blacks made up 13.6% of the US population in 2022.

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