Denver High School has second shooting in five weeks

All suspects are classified juveniles

Update: A local media outlet has published the name and picture of the at-large shooter. He is a Black male named Austin Lyle. It looks like this information was leaked to the Fox 31 from a school official. However, they are not stating exactly how they got his name and picture.

Original Article:

A student shot two adult faculty members inside East High in Denver, Colorado. Both victims are still alive, and the suspect is at large. Denver police say they know the suspect’s identity, but they refused to give his name or description because he is “a juvenile.”

We reached out to the Denver Police on Twitter, and they alleged that state law prevents them from giving out information on an at-large juvenile shooter.

A local media outlet claims that the classified juvenile was already expelled from a different school for having weapons. They say that the student had to be “patted down” by security each day before entering the school. The shooting allegedly happened during the pat down.

Student murdered last month:

On February 13th, Luis Garcia, 16, was randomly murdered as he sat in his car in the school’s parking lot. Two classified juveniles from another school were charged. The suspects stole a Kia from the parking lot and then wrecked it on MLK Jr Blvd while being chased by police.

East High is listed as 49% White, 23% Hispanic, 17% Black, and 8% Mixed-race.

Local media and activists groups are demanding that Colorado enact new gun control laws over the actions of two people whose identities are secret:

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