Democratic Socialists of America seize leadership of NV Democratic Party, former leaders run off with $450k in funds

The People's Democratic Party of Nevada

Whitmer is part of the Las Vegas DSA.

Nevada’s so-called “Harry Reid Machine” is no more. The Democratic Socialists of America [DSA] have taken over the Nevada State Democratic Party [NSDP].

The NSDP held party elections over the weekend. A slate of five far-left insurgents, led by Clark County Democratic Party Chairman Judith Whitmer, won. It was a complete wipeout for the previous leadership of the NSDP.

Whitmer and three of the other winning candidates are all listed as dues-paying members of local DSA chapters. The five candidate slate was endorsed by the DSA and the Nevada Democratic Left Caucus. The two organizations jointly came up with the name “The NV Dems Progressive Slate.”

After the wipeout election, the executive director of the Democratic Party of Nevada Alana Mounce announced her resignation. Then the rest of the staff followed suit. The party operations director, communications director, research director, and finance director all resigned as well. They allege that Whitmer was planning to fire and replace everyone anyway.

It has also been revealed that, on the eve of the election, the previous leadership of the NSDP moved $450,000 in funds to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The money will be used to support the re-election of US Senator Catherine Cortez Masto.

Masto bitterly opposed Whitmer in the election, and the $450k will likely be used to campaign against a far-left primary challenger backed by Whitmer.

The animosity between the DSA crowd and the “Harry Reid Machine” goes back to the Democratic Presidential Primary of 2016, when party leaders aggressively backed Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders publicly congratulated Judith Whitmer for seizing control of the party. 

The former head of the Clark County Democratic Party, Donna West, accuses Whitmer of running the county party like a tyrant. West resigned from the Clark County Democratic Party central committee last summer, saying she found Whitmer impossible to work with.

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