DC has now spent well over $8 million on “BLM Plaza”

Insane spending on propaganda

During the murderous nationwide BLM/Antifa riots of 2020, “Black Lives Matter” was painted in the street near the White House. Washington, DC, Mayor Bowser said the sign was supposed to send a message to Donald Trump.

Bowser later declared that a two-block stretch of 16th NW between K and H streets would be a permanent “monument” to the violent Black Lives Matter movement.

October 28th, 2021, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that, since July 2021, Washington DC had spent a colossal $4.8 million on what she now called “Black Lives Matter Plaza [BLMP].” This amount does not even include what the city spent to paint the letters in the street in 2020.

The $4.8 million paid for:

  • One vehicular lane in each direction of 16th Street NW (northbound and southbound) providing access to area properties (hotel, church, offices, etc.)
  • Colored pavers used for the roadway surface instead of traditional asphalt
  • A bright yellow “BLACK LIVES MATTER” mural with durable, yellow thermoplastic paint on top of a bonded concrete
  • 14’ Center Pedestrian Plaza
  • Cobble stone pavement, lighted bollards, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-accessible push buttons for traffic signal, and refreshed crosswalk markings

However, Bowser said another $3 million had already been earmarked for BLMP

This $3 million would pay for:

  • Reconstructing nearby sidewalks
  • Installing commemorative works
  • Adding new benches, lighting, signage, and street trees

According to city records obtained by Judicial Watch, Washington, DC, spent another $271,231 last September to freshen up the sign.

A staggering $53,551.20 was allegedly spent on Streetbond 250, a Methyl Methacrylate [MMA] acrylic resin-based flooring system. This included 185 pails of yellow, 37 pails of catalyst, and 22 pails of each of a two-part optional primer.

An unbelievable $217,680 was spent on a company called Dewberry for labor.

The absurd amount of money blown on a “mural” in the street has raised questions about corruption, as well as the priorities of city officials. The total cost of BLMP is now at least over $8 million.

Google Street View, June 2020. The original “message to Donald Trump.”


Google Street View, September 2021. This is the $4.8 million dollar upgrade in progress to transform BLM Plaza from a “mural” to a “monument.”


Google Street View, November 2022, after 7.8 million in upgrades.

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