Carjacking suspect already has pending MURDER charge, but was allowed to continue committing new crimes

The pampering of violent monsters continues

We originally reported this in August of 2022. There are updates. The office of Davidson County District Attorney Glenn Funk appears to be coddling criminals like nothing we have ever seen before.

Updates: After being charged with carjacking and evading arrest, the charged were dismissed! On April 2023, he was indicted on murder and aggravated robbery charges. We assume this is for the murder of Samuel Calvert and the charges have been upgraded to adult court. According to vinelink, he is not currently in custody. He is walking the streets.

Original story:

Brian Thompson was just arrested for carjacking in Nashville, Tennessee. He was charged with aggravated robbery and evading arrest.

In 2018, Thompson was arrested for armed robbery of a 32 year old woman. He was pampered as a “juvenile offender” and quickly released back onto the streets.

In October of 2019, Thompson was charged with murdering Samuel Calvert, an eighteen year old White male. Once again he was classified as a “juvenile,” coddled by the system, and allowed to walk free. His murder trial has been postponed multiple times.

He was given a $102.5k bond for his new charges. He is 18 now and these are his first “adult” charges. We will see how quickly he is back on the streets.

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