BLM/Antifa continue battling police to create a second Minneapolis autonomous zone

Police made several arrests

BLM/Antifa and the Minneapolis police continued to clash Thursday at Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue in Uptown Minneapolis. This intersection is where rioters are trying to establish a second 24/7 BLM autonomous BLM protest zone.

Four people have already been murdered inside the existing autonomous zone at East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue. Last Sunday, a rioter was killed at the corner of Lake Street and Hennepin Ave when she parked her car sideways in the middle of the street at night time. A motorist wrecked into her car, and she was killed.

Lake Street and Hennepin Ave are also where Winston “Boogie” Smith died in a violent confrontation with police. Smith was a BLM supporter who vowed to carry out terrorist-style attacks in a recently posted video on social media.

Clashes began on June 16th and continued all day June 17th. Police made several arrests, and city workers hauled away pallets, furniture, and other materials used to create barricades.

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2 years ago

There must be a lot of influential people in that neighborhood for the cops to actually be fighting back