Black cat leaps from 5th story window of burning apartment complex, walks away unharmed

Cat escapes apartment building fire

The apartment complex was photographed by Google Street View in 2019.

A large six-story apartment complex caught on fire at the corner 65th and S Lowe Ave in Chicago, IL. While all the humans managed to evacuate, a beautiful black cat was left behind in a burning 5th-floor apartment. A cameraman for the Chicago Fire Department spotted the cat in a window and began recording.

The cat only had a tiny strip of grass to land on between a huge concrete wall and the street. The car leaped from the window, formed a parachute with its body, cleared the concrete wall, and landed in the grass. The cat bounced like a professional skydiver before walking away. Firefighters said the cat appeared to have zero injuries.

It was a purr-fect escape to avoid what otherwise would have been a cat-astrophe.

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