Album sales of anti-PC rap star Tom MacDonald will not be counted for Billboard Charts

Deplatforming independent artists

One of the biggest rap stars in America right now is a White Canadian based in Los Angeles. He is a former professional (theatrical) wrestler who now raps against political correctness, cancel culture, and anti-White bigotry.

His material is 100% self-published. His girlfriend, “Nova Rockafeller,” who is also a singer/rapper produces all his his videos. Since MacDonald is not connected to any record labels, his albums are not sold in stores. He sells them online himself. However, Billboard’s third party data collection company is refusing to count his album sales. They only count streams on services like Youtube, iTunes, Pandora, ect. In other words, the data collection company is refusing to count anything that is outside of the corporate music industry.

From Tom McDonald…

I kinda feel like the industry burned us. At the very least, I feel like they burned our album. As you might know by now, we were informed that our physical copies of “The Brave” album would not be counted toward the Billboard charts. We spent weeks trying to accommodate the data collection company that’s responsible for collecting the numbers and we were unsuccessful.

Our physical and digital numbers combined would have been enough to top the album charts. That’s a monumental feat for an independent artist. I shouldn’t care as much as I do…and I should have expected it. The industry has never been a friend of mine. It’s never been the friend of any independent artist.

The music industry was built for the industry. Not the musicians. STILL…I wanted this for me. For US. For everyone in Hang Over Gang. After years of unfair treatment from music executives, labels and other industry folks…I’m a little bitter at them. And I wanted to beat them at their own game…and I wanted them to acknowledge it in front of the world.

Today, I feel like I made my first stand. The first of many. This is not over. It’s not something I’m posting about today and moving on from tomorrow.

The music industry vs. The artist is a battle that will rage on forever. And regardless of how other artists feel about me…I will gladly stand with them and for them. Battles like this do not put dents in my armor. They do not make me weaker. They make me stronger. Screw the music industry. I’ll win anyway. WE will win anyway.

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