Anti-oil militants miss court date because they flew to Thailand

Last Generation militants turns out to be hypocritical rich kids

Last Generation is the name of the anti-oil militants who have been blocking roads, blocking airports, and vandalizing artwork in Europe. The group is being funded, in part, by the American tax-exempt non-profit Climate Emergency Fund based in Beverly Hills, CA.

Climate Emergency Fund was founded in 2019. The New York Times says it was founded by Aileen Getty, a wealthy grandson of the founder of Getty Oil, who was born into great family wealth.

Recently, a group of these militants were arrested for blocking the B10 Highway in Stuttgart recently for blocking a major road. Two of these militants, a man, and a woman, failed to appear at their court date because they were on vacation together in Thailand.

Recently, Last Generation accidentally published a private list of activists. Each activist was evaluated on their perceived willingness to go to jail for the cause.

According to local media, the couple notified the court that they were not coming but did not reschedule their hearing. They face a daily fine until they come to court.

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