American journalist claims to have witnessed fleeing citizens forcibly conscripted at gunpoint in Ukraine

Conscription is underway

Yesterday the roads from Kiev to Lviv were overwhelmed and there was stand still traffic on the main highways.

Apparently, when you get near the Polish border now, so many cars have run out of gas, that the roads are totally blocked and entire families are trying to cross the border on foot.

Manny Marotta, an American who writes for the Manchester Evening Times, claims to have witnessed Ukrainian soldiers separating adult males from their families and conscripting them at gunpoint.

Marotta says that soldiers are preventing any male between 18 and 60 from leaving the country.

The scene he describes sounds very much like South Korea after the Communists had invaded and families were fleeing.

Marotta described the situation to BBC radio. Go to the 30:50 minute mark.

Marotta’s article about the events in the Manchester Evening Times can be viewed here.

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