American Federation of Teachers union leader vows to defend Marxist critical theory in the courts

Randi Weingarten appears committed to the agenda of a political party, not the education of the nation's children

Randi Weingarten is the head of the American Federation of Teachers [AFT], the second-largest teacher’s union in America. She is also a member of the Democratic Party National Committee [DNC] and was a political operative for Hillary Clinton. During the 2015 Democratic Presidential Primary, Weingarten worked with the Hillary campaign to undermine union support for Bernie Sanders. She was also on Joe Biden’s original list of candidates for US Secretary of Education.

Now Weingarten is vowing to fight a Texas law that bans the teaching of some elements of Marxist critical theory in schools.

Marxist academics hatched critical social theory, usually called critical theory, at The Institute for Social Research at Goethe University Frankfurt. Often referred to as “The Frankfurt School.” Many of these Marxist theorists later moved to New York City and re-established themselves at Columbia University in the early 30s. They created critical theory to explain the failures of Marxists to achieve any successful long-term Communist revolutions in Europe in the aftermath of WWI. They blamed this failure on patriotism and the traditions of the proletariat. Revolution had only been successful in Russia. in part because Marxist leaders used identity politics to mobilize a coalition of ethnic minorities against the Slavic majority.

Critical Theory teaches that for the working class to embrace Marxism fully, they must be separated from their culture, history, religion, and the traditional family unit. In order words, Marxists needed to turn the proletariat into a rootless cosmopolitan being with no foundations or commitment to preserving anything. So-called critical race theory and Intersectional theory are simply derivatives of critical theory.

America’s teacher’s unions are notorious for placing the wellbeing of students last and acting as political partisans. In many big cities, parents are pulling their children from public schools in record numbers.

Recently, a child who has suffered severe trauma in her life gave a gut-wrenching testimony about how Teachers and administrators had transformed her public school into a racially and sexually hostile environment. The girl, whose birth parents were drug addicts that negligent her, is in counseling for self-harm. Despite this, she says a school official once chastised her as having “White privilege.”

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