Discord chat leak: Sullivan & other leftists bragged online about role in Capitol building violence

Leftists involved in Capitol invasion posted incriminating evidence on Discord

John Sullivan, AKA “Activist John” AKA “Jayden X,” the far-left activist charged by the FBI, was part of a secret Discord-based chat group. Screen captures from the Discord group have been leaked, showing clear evidence of a premeditated conspiracy. Sullivan apparently had at least four co-conspirators with him and there are vague claims of even more.

What we know:

John Sullivan is a far-left activist who organized a BLM event in Provo, Utah last June, in which a left-wing activist shot and wounded a motorist. Sullivan is facing charges of rioting and criminal mischief from that event. The FBI also says he was inciting rioting at a BLM event in Washington DC in July.

On January 6th, Sullivan wore a Trump hat to disguise himself. He has admitted on Twitter to being part of the group that climbed through a broken window of the Capitol building. He says, he pushed his way to the front of the group. Jade Secker, a photojournalist who claims to do work for NPR and NBC, was with him.

Sullivan and Sacker were right next to Ashli Babbitt when she was shot and killed, and Sullivan is the person who videotaped the law enforcement officer killing her. The FBI filed a criminal complaint against Sullivan on January 14th with very specific details of how he was verbally inciting rioting. On January 15th, he was taken into custody in his hometown of Provo, UT.

Sacker, who claims she was working on a documentary about Sullivan, appears to incriminate herself in a video clip posted online by Sullivan. A video clip, that Sullivan is heard verbally promising to delete, but did not.

Now we have evidence of at least three more co-conspirators from Sullivans private Dischord channel:

Sullivan was advertising in advance that he was going to the January 6th protest. He urged his supporters to come with “tactical gear and first aid kits.” He even posted a graphic about storming the Capitol building.

Two different people, other than Sullivan, posted photographic evidence that they were there. One user, “deaththreat,” bragged about being “in the front line of the battle,” and said, “it was a large sum of anti trumps.”

Another user named “Soupforthefamily” posted a photo of his hand giving Trump supporters the middle finger (to their backs).

Another user, Dogbackwards, claims to have been there in disguised. He says he disguised himself with a Trump hat and Trump t-shirt. Another user criticizes Dogbackwards, saying his high profile could lead to evidence of “Antifa” involvement.

At least two different users expressed shock, after the fact, that claims of far-left provocateurs were really true.

Other details from Dischord chat:

Sullivan posted multiple graphics promoting Antifa.

Sullivan posted a diagram titled “How to make wipes for chemical weapons.”

Sullivan posted pictures of guns and body armor and said they were for “Civil War and Revolution.”


There are multiple video clicks that allege to show various provocateurs. We are investigating these. Bookmark this website and check back later for more news.

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