Antifa commits a multitude of felonious assaults at a family prayer event at the Portland waterfront

The victims included young children

A family prayer event, organized by Awakening Ministries at Portland’s Waterfront Park, was violently attacked by Antifa.

The Antifa thugs wore body armor, helmets and carried shields. They assaulted people with metal umbrellas, fireworks, chemical irritants, paint, and raw eggs. The Antifa also vandalized and stole sound equipment. Antifa then proceeded to follow people from the park and continue assaulting people. The victims of the assaults included young children.

Portland law enforcement was nowhere to be seen, as the thugs committed felony after felony.

Members of Portland Antifa publicly bragged about committing assaults and strong-armed robbery on Twitter. One female Antifa boasted that they threw stolen PA equipment into the Willamette River.

Antifa violence in Portland continues because “progressive” District Attorney Mike Schmidt refuses to prosecute them when they are arrested. Over 90% of Antifa criminals are never prosecuted after being charged. In some cases, Portland police are openly refusing to respond to 911 calls about Antifa.

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