“World’s Smartest Man” declares that “Identity Politics” must either be shut down or deemed fair-game for White people

Chris Langan has been touted as "the world's smartest man" by the mainstream media

Chris Langan

For over ten years, the “mainstream” media has touted Chris Langan as “The world’s smartest man.” His IQ is estimated to be at around 200. Those with an IQ of 140 or higher are generally considered to be a “genius.”

However, in 2019, he was denounced by the far-left Jewish Daily Forward. This is a dying publication original founded as an openly pro-Communist newspaper in NYC. The Jewish Daily Forward attacked him for saying that intelligence is largely genetic. Something that academics have been saying for well over one hundred years.

More recently, he has made waves on Twitter for denouncing government lockdowns and suggesting that there was a large amount of fraud in the 2020 US election.


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