Thug charged with executing 16-year-old girl over spilled cannabis

Allegedly shot girl in the head in front of three witnesses

Demarkus Hedges, 18, surrendered to the US Marshall’s service yesterday evening. He allegedly killed Scarlett Tucker, 16, execution style, around 2:00 AM yesterday.

Police say Scarlett Tucker had been hanging out with four 18-year-olds and one 17-year-old on Monday. They arrived at a home in Burlington, KY, at 1:30 AM Tuesday.

Police say that shortly after arriving, Demarkus executed Scarlett with a gunshot to the head in front of the other three people. It took place in one of the home’s four bedrooms. Other people were sleeping in some of the additional bedrooms at the time.

Police say that Demarkus became enraged over dropped or spilled cannabis.

He is being charged with murder, tampering with evidence, and two counts of second-degree unlawful transactions with a minor. In Kentucky, a second-degree unlawful transaction with a minor means that the perp provided cannabis, salvia, or illegal gambling.

Scarlett Tucker lives in Burlington, KY, but it is unclear if it was her family’s house. It is a nice house with an inground pool in a middle-class neighborhood. Facebook pictures seem to indicate that the victim lived on a similar but different street.

True Crime Daily alleges that the victim is the younger sister of Demarkus’ boyfriend. This might be a false claim.

Demarkus Hedge is from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Burlington has about just over 17,.000 people. It is in Boone County, which has about 137k people and had 5 homicides for all of 2021. There were three homicides in 2020 and only two in 2019.

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Michael Chaney
1 year ago

I knew him from what i have heard he took the mag out and was just trying to screw around with the girl. Ever heard of menace 2 society the movie? the scene where the one dude pulls the trigger on the unloaded gun to screw with his freind? thats all Marko was tryna do. I swear if you knew him he wasnt a physco he wasnt a monster he was a good mf person deep down. He deserves a punishment but not a life sentence hes still a kid. and im starting to think that this might be a lil bit of a race issue

Michael Chaney
1 year ago


1 year ago
Reply to  Michael Chaney

You suppose he was in Sunday School last Sunday?