These are the 57 Congressmen who voted against the $40 Billion package for Ukraine

Lindsey Graham says more money to come in 2-3 months

Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022, HR 7691
The House has not released the full text of the bill yet.

Only 57 voted no, all of them Republicans.

This is the second round of funding for Ukraine in just over two months. US Senator Lindsey Graham, who has referred to himself as “voice of the Ukrainian people,” admitted that even more money will be added in as little as two more months. “Do I think this will be the last round? No, I think we’ll be doing this again. Who knows where we’re going to be two months from now, three months from now. As long as they’re willing to fight, we need to help.” Graham added that “defeating Putin is priceless.”

Congressman Dan Crenshaw, a supporter of the bill, said that the money would go to destroying Russia without losing a single American soldier. When Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene asked about the Ukrainians getting killed, Crenshaw responded with a crude insult.

Many believe that the Russo-Ukrainian War would have ended in a peace treaty during the first two weeks, had the US not flooded the country with weapons and urged them to keep fighting.

Arrington Republican Texas
Babin Republican Texas
Banks Republican Indiana
Biggs Republican Arizona
Bilirakis Republican Florida
Bishop (NC) Republican
North Carolina
Boebert Republican Colorado
Buck Republican Colorado
Burchett Republican Tennessee
Cammack Republican Florida
Cawthorn Republican
North Carolina
Cloud Republican Texas
Clyde Republican Georgia
Comer Republican Kentucky
Davidson Republican Ohio
DesJarlais Republican Tennessee
Donalds Republican Florida
Duncan Republican
South Carolina
Estes Republican Kansas
Fulcher Republican Idaho
Gaetz Republican Florida
Gibbs Republican Ohio
Gohmert Republican Texas
Good (VA) Republican Virginia
Gosar Republican Arizona
Graves (LA) Republican Louisiana
Greene (GA) Republican Georgia
Harshbarger Republican Tennessee
Hartzler Republican Missouri
Hern Republican Oklahoma
Herrell Republican New Mexico
Hice (GA) Republican Georgia
Higgins (LA) Republican Louisiana
Huizenga Republican Michigan
Jackson Republican Texas
Johnson (LA) Republican Louisiana
Jordan Republican Ohio
Lesko Republican Arizona
Long Republican Missouri
Mann Republican Kansas
Massie Republican Kentucky
Mast Republican Florida
Miller (IL) Republican Illinois
Moore (AL) Republican Alabama
Nehls Republican Texas
Norman Republican
South Carolina
Perry Republican Pennsylvania
Rose Republican Tennessee
Rosendale Republican Montana
Roy Republican Texas
Sessions Republican Texas
Steube Republican Florida
Tiffany Republican Wisconsin
Van Drew Republican New Jersey
Van Duyne Republican Texas
Westerman Republican Arkansas
Williams (TX) Republican Texas

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