BLM Effect? Murders seem to have surged wherever riots occurred

Cities that experienced major rioting have also experienced dramatic increases in homicide

Minneapolis, Minnesota has seen 88 homicides in 2020. The city had 48 in 2019. This is an 83% increase over last year.

Louisville, Kentucky has experienced 151 homicides, the largest number of homicides in the history of the city. The previous record was 117 in 2016. Homicides for Louisville will be at least 29% higher than the previous all-time record set in 2016.

Atlanta, Georgia has experienced the largest number of homicides since 1998. They just had their 154th homicide of 2020, tying the number committed in 1998. In 2019, Atlanta only had 99. Homicides for Atlanta will be at least 56% higher than last year.

Portland, Oregon just had its 53 homicide. The largest number since 1993. Portland had 36 homicides in 2019. Homicides in Portland with be at least 47% higher than last year. The total number of actual shootings more than doubled over 2019.

Seattle, Washington already had 55 homicides by Nov. 30th. A 96% increase over the total number in 2019.

Tacoma, Washington has seen 29 homicides, the most since 1994. A 26% increase over 2019.

In New York, New York homicides are up 38% over last year.

Chicago, Illinois has experienced 768 homicides in 2020. This is up 49% over last year.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania had 492 homicides. This is up 40% over last year.

Washington, DC saw homicides increase by 21% in 2020.

Try this. Think of a city that experienced major BLM rioting and see if homicides went up this year.

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