Should the Speaker of the House be allowed to buy stocks weeks before key votes that affect the stock prices

Nancy Pelosi has been accused of being a serial insider trader for over a decade

Nancy Pelosi just told the media that it would be unfair not to allow members of Congress to own stock in publicly traded companies. In 2011, 60 Minutes exposed Nancy Pelosi, slamming her for stock trades that raise serious ethical questions.

Nancy Pelosi has been a full-time “public servant for decades,” while her husband trades stocks full time.

In the 60 minutes expose, Steve Kroft and Peter Schweizer detailed how the Pelosi couple made a massive purchase of VISA stock in 2008. They entered the position after anti-credit card legislation gained steam in Congress and brought down the price. Pelosi then killed the bill before it could come to a full vote. Their position on VISA gained $100k in a few days.

It doesn’t look like anything has changed. Nancy Pelosi and her husband have amassed over $120 million, primarily from the stock market.

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