Sadiq Khan inserts left-wing themes into $2 million “virtual” fireworks display

Drones used to make black power fist above London

London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display cost taxpayers an estimated 1.5 million pounds ($2 Million USD). It included a variety of political themes.

Londoners were not actually supposed to go watch the fireworks. The city is under a very extreme lockdown. It was billed as a “virtual” fireworks display that they were supposed to stay home and watch on the BBC. In fact, the fireworks were set off from a barge and the exact location of the event was kept secret to prevent people from gathering. The display ended up being conducted over top of London’s O2 Arena.

What outraged Brits the most was a giant “black power” fist created using drones. The symbol is used by a wide variety of extremist groups in both the USA and England. Of course, the fist is also a historical symbol of Revolutionary Communism. According to British media, the fist was supposed to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

The event also included pro-EU themes, despite the fact the UK officially left the EU on New Year’s Eve. Climate change was another theme. Three hundred drones formed a map of the earth on a turtle’s back, while a political speech by climate change alarmist Sir David Attenborough played. The drones were also used to glorify the National Health Service [NHS]. Sadiq Khan is believed to be directly responsible for the heavy politicizing of the fireworks display.

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