Police say suspect blew up an entire apartment complex trying to kill Good Samaritan

250 people are without a home now

On September 28th, Phillip Dankins, 28, was following his pregnant girlfriend and eight-year-old son around a Dallas apartment complex. Two days early, Dankins allegedly attacked his girlfriend and threatened her with a gun. A Good Samaritan allowed them to take refuge in his apartment. Dankins ended his pursuit when he saw the man was armed.

However, police say Dankins returned later at two in the morning and fired his gun into the man’s apartment through the door and a window. This severed a gas line and caused to an explosion the next morning. Seven people were injured, three of them seriously. The injured include four firefighters and three apartment employees.

The blast would have likely killed numerous residents, but the complex had just been evacuated moments before the explosion.

The entire apartment complex was destroyed. Two hundred and fifty residents were left homeless. To add insult to injury, thieves have stolen personal possessions from residents.

Dankins was on October 2nd for domestic violence and drug possession. Dankins is also a suspect in a burglary. He now faces seven charges of “deadly conduct.”

Dallas is seeing a major surge in violent crimes as police slash services and the authorities coddle criminals.

Even now, Dankins is being coddled. The authorities are not even charging him with attempted murder.

Dallas Fire-Rescue Officer Pauline Perez was hurled thirty feet and seriously injured.

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