PayPal re-instates $2,500 fine for wrongthink after falsely claiming it was “an accident”

De-platforming is not enough, PayPal wants to seize your money

We told you this was no accident, and PayPal just proved us correct.

The company has re-instated its $2,500 fine for violating its terms of service. PayPal says it will no longer simply de-platform people they don’t like, which they have already been doing for years. Now they intend to seize your money.

The terms of service are incredibly vague, non-specific, and open to interpretation at the whims of PayPal’s staff. The company also continuously adds new things that are banned every year. People with accounts over ten years old often find themselves de-platformed for something they have been using the account for since day one.

It is also important to note that PayPal has purchased dozens of competitors. So if you are boycotting PayPal, you should also avoid the other companies they own. This includes Braintree, Venmo, Xoom, Zettle, Hyperwallet, Honey, Chargehound, Paidy, Simility, and many others.

Feel free to post our graphic on social media that identifies the largest subsidiaries.

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