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Circle of life
7 months ago

Well, at least it might keep some Muslims away. They (and Caribbean blacks, and Puerto Ricans) are already rapidly taking over Orlando, which no one ever talks about. It’s only 40% White now.
Muslims like places like Florida & Texas that are conservative-ish but full of enough chaos (drug & human trafficking in FL’s case) to let them slide below the radar as seemingly regular-ol’ blue collar citizens. Gas station owners are known to work hand-in-hand with the area’s black / Hispanic crime overlords to keep the criminal conveyor belt hush-hush while receiving protection under the aegis of said overlords. It’s simply amazing to me that we’ve allowed a tiny hostile ethnic group to completely take over most of our gas stations & taxis, plus a huge & growing amount of rideshares. He who controls transportation controls a nation, especially in a tourist-y place like FL.
The more I think about it, a ghey statue might act like a beacon attracting more Muslims, because it’s a sign that the people there will be easier to conquer.