NYT’s Taylor Lorenz was punched in the face by Antifa, but getting criticized by conservatives is supposedly much worse

Tory Lorenz wrote the NYT attack piece on Clubhouse App

Jacob Smith, Antifa thug who physically attacked Taylor Lorenz.

In 2017, New York Time’s reporter Taylor Lorenz was punched in the face and thrown to the ground by a male Antifa. She was wearing a New York Times press pass at the time of the assault and had just shown it to her attacker.

Her attacker, Jacob Leigh Smith, was actually charged with a crime. However, he was only slapped on the wrist with no jail time. Smith was sentenced to two weeks of community service and anger management classes. Lorenz complained about being attacked by Antifa on Twitter and then immediately deleted the Tweets when she received blowback from fellow leftists.

More recently, Taylor Lorenz wrote the New York Times attack piece of the cellphone app Clubhouse. This website reported on that article. This app is run out of California and is already censoring conservative users. Nevertheless, Lorenz wrote a wild attack piece falsely claiming the app was a hotbed of extremism. Her piece was widely ridiculed.

Undeterred, Lorenz doubled down. She publicly accused Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Mosaic and Netscape, of “using a slur” on the Clubhouse app. The “slur,” she alleged, is the word “retarded.” A word that most people do not even consider to be a slur. It turns out her claim was false. A different person said “retard” and not in a derogatory way. Marc Andreessen was part of a discussion about the WallStreetBets/Gamestop controversy. Someone else was reading from the WallStreetBets subreddit where a group of people referred to themselves as “retard revolution.”

In this context, using the word “retard” is to remove any liability for giving people bad financial advice. If you ever watch a Youtube Stock channel, you have probably seen people say things like, “I am not a financial adviser, and this is just my opinions and for entertainment purposes only.” Identifying yourself as “retarded” is meant to be a comical way of saying the same thing.

Lorenz was trying to manufacture a story out of nothing, and her claim was false.

So Lorenz doubled down. She claimed to be a victim of harassment on Twitter and alleged that this harassment had “ruined her life.” This claimed was mocked by Tucker Carleson.

The New York Times, which never even acknowledged that Lorenz was punched in the face by Antifa, issued a public statement acknowledging Lorenz’s alleged victimhood and condemning Tucker Carleson.

Lorenz and the NYT seem to consider criticism by a conservative to be a far more heinous act than actual physical violence by Antifa

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