Nine mass shootings on Saturday

52 shot, 12+ killed

Note: The Cyrus shooting was originally reported to have five victims. Three police and two civilians. There are actually three shot and one killed. So it no longer technically counts as a “mass shooting.” The Detroit shooting may also only be a triple as well.


So far, the media has not released many details on any of these shootings. We will be updating this post as more information comes out.

Party: 3
Restaurant: 2
Street: 3
Home: 1

Dadeville, AL

At least twenty shot and at least four killed at Mahogany Dance Studio. This is a small town that is half White and half Black. A “sweet 16” birthday party was being held at the studio.

One victim has been named. Phil Dowdell, a Black male, who is the older brother of girl who was having a birthday party.

Louisville, KY

Six shot, two killed at Chickasaw Park in Louisville, KY. Appears to have been Black on Black. Media is not providing details yet.

Police saw there were hundreds of people at the party, but no one is providing any information.

Cyrus, MN* (number of victims lower than originally reported)

Three shot, one killed in Cyrus. A man opened fire on police during a domestic violence call. One police officer, Deputy Josh Owen, killed. Gunman killed.

Area is a mostly White and very rural.

Detroit, MI

Four shot, one killed at Buffalo Wild Wings in the Greektown area of Detroit.

Newark, NJ

Four shot, one killed outside a liquor store in Newark, NJ. Area is 94% Black.

The fatality is Corey Beasley, a 43 year old Black male.

Waianae, HI

Five shot, two killed at a party. Police say cockfighting was occurring and “an argument escalated to gunfire.” The area is 48% Hawaiian native, and 20% Hispanic.

The victims have been named as Gary Rabellisza, 34, and Cathy Rabellizsa, 59.

Northridge, CA

Four shot, one killed. The deceased is said to have been painting gang graffiti outside an ice cream parlor. Someone opened fire with “an Uzi style weapon.” The area is a mix Whites, Latinos, and Asians.

Paterson, NJ

Six shot on a street corner. The area is half Black and half Latino. No details have been released.

Phoenix, AZ

Four people injured at POJ’s Cantina. Police say a bunch of people had just been expelled from the restaurant. Then a shooting occurred in the parking lot. The area is overwhelmingly Latino.

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