MSNBC claims opposition to “LatinX” designation is fueled by White “right-wing propagandists”

Only 2% of Hispanics/Latinos use the word "Latinx"

A recent poll showed that only 2% of Latinos self-identify using the term “Latinx.” Much of this 2% probably includes professional activists who are employed by left-wing non-profits and partisan-based institutions.

Most identify themselves as “Hispanic” or “Latino.” Or they identify with a country of origin such as Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, etc. Others, who were born in tribal areas and not raised speaking Spanish, may identify as Mayan, Aymara, Guarani, etc. Others who see themselves as having all or primarily Spanish ancestry often reject terms like Hispanic or Latino and call themselves Spanish or Latin.

This outrages the pundits and contributors at MSNBC, who demand that everyone adopt a brand new designation known as “Latinx.” The promotion of the world “Latinx” comes, in large part, from opposition to gendered language. This opposition is heavily rooted in the cultural Marxism of Critical Theory. 

In this MSNBC segment, a fictional reality is depicted in which Latinos are being manipulated by White “racists” not to use the term. Latinos should therefore use the word to show opposition to the people who MSNBC claims oppose the word.

Also not that when the Pulse nightclub massacre is mentioned in this MSNBC segment, they omit the part where it was a Jihadist attack by a refugee from Afghanistan.

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