Minneapolis has back to back quadruple shootings on the same block within 24 hours.

Defund the police is not going well

On September 8th, three males and one female were shot at 626 W Broadway Ave. The very next day, two males and two pregnant females were shot at 328 W Broadway Ave.

The shootings occurred less than 1,000 feet from each other. The census tract is 102300, which is nearly two-thirds Black. This is the Blackest area of Minneapolis.

The first shooting took place near a hair salon. Police and media have reported no details other than the gender of the victims. The second one was a drive-by shooting in front of the 4th Street Saloon, a hip-hop bar. Once again, police and media have barely said anything.

In 2020, the city of Minneapolis ordered police to stand down while thugs rioted and caused over a billion dollars in damage. At least six people were killed in the riots. Minneapolis city council pandered to the rioters and actively worked to dismantle and downgrade their own police force. All in the name of supposedly protecting Black people. Now Black on Black murders in Minneapolis and neighboring St. Paul have spiraled out of control.

The entire state of Minnesota saw a 58% increase in murders in 2020. Most of this increase all came from Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Minnesota homicides:

1995: 182 (4,610k, 3.9 per 100k) – The highest rate in state history (average age was roughly twelve years younger)
2019: 117 (5,640, 2.1 per 100k)
2020: 185 (5,706, 3.2 per 100k) – Highest homicide rate since 1996
2021: 201 (5,710, 3.5 per 100k) – Third highest homicide rate in history, but completed with an older population

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