Milwaukee had ten mass shootings in 2022 so far…

What do they have in common?

In 2020, Wisconsin set a new record for its highest homicide rate. In 2021, it set an even higher record. A dramatic rise in Black-on-Black killings in Milwaukee is heavily driving the surge in the statewide homicide rate. The city of Milwaukee is poised to set a new record for its highest homicide rate ever for the third year in a rowEven though Milwaukee is only 39% Black, 90.3% of homicide victims were Black, and 92.1% of known suspects were Black in 2021.

Milwaukee has experienced ten mass shootings in 2022 so far. Most of these mass shootings probably occurred in the spur of the moment and can be called “no impulse control” shootings.

Of the ten mass shootings, at least nine were undoubtedly Black on Black. Possibly all ten. However, the media and police are severely lacking in the amount of details they provide on these shootings.

Milwaukee’s local media will never mention the race of victims or suspects. The police are also doing a poor job of giving out information. The police only list victims and suspects by age and gender. They do not disclose race and, in some cases, do not even give out the name of a shooting suspect.

The deadliest shooting was on January 23rd. Travis Lamar Birkley, a Black male, is accused of murdering five Black men and Black women inside a Milwaukee home. Police are calling it a “botched burglary.”

On February 1st, five people were injured by gunfire outside a High School. Devon J. A. Jobe, a 34-year-old Black male, was charged.

On March 20th, four people were shot at a house party. The media reported almost no details. However, the house is in census tract 004700, which is 94% Black.

On May 13th, a staggering sixteen people (some sources say seventeen) were shot and injured in the Milwaukee entertainment district. The victims ranged in age from 15  to 47. There were multiple shooters. Eleven Black males and a Black female were arrestedAnother four people were shot in the same area on the same night. Video shows huge crowds of Black teenagers and young Black adults massed in the area when fighting and gunfire started.

On August 5th, four male victims were shot on the city’s north side. Once again, the local media reported almost no details. The shooting occurred in census tract 000101, which is 62% Black.

On August 24th, four people were shot, and one was killed. The suspect is Leslie Matthew Bost, a 57-year-old Black male.

On September 14th, four people were shot. It took place in a commercial area downtown. Virtually no details were ever reported. One of the victims was said to be in grave condition, but he was never mentioned again.

On September 16th, five people were shot. A female gunshot victim is said to be one of two shooters. The media released few details. A statement by police only lists age and gender while censoring race and even the suspect’s name. The shooting occurred in census tract 004300, which is 93% Black.

On October 22nd, six people were shot. Police say at least 100 rounds were fired. Once again, few details were ever reported. Police censored the race of the victims in their statements. The shooting occurred in census tract 003800, which is 88% Black.

On October 23rd, four people were shot in a residential neighborhood. Once again, no details other than the age and gender of the victims were ever reported. The shooting occurred in census tract 009000, which is 90% Black.

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