Media in the USA are now openly saying that Covid-19 probably came from Wuhan Lab

The "racist" conspiracy theorists were right

Guest column from the Renaissance Horizon Youtube Channel

The Wuhan Lab was collecting strains of Coronaviruses from bats and conducting experiments on them. They were particularly interested in strains similar to SARS. They also performed “gain of function” experiments to artificially make non-human transmissible strains transmissible.

This is how things stand right now.

In November of 2019, three employees of the Wuhan Lab were hospitalized with severe cold/flu symptoms. If the lab even remotely followed any standards, they would have done blood work on all the employees at this time. This blood work could conclusively prove or disprove what Wuhan Lab employees what this outbreak actually was. China is not sharing this information.

In December of 2019, the spouse of a Wuhan lab employee became one of the first official Sars-2/Covid-19 fatalities.

Early on, SAR-2 is determined to be 90% the same as SARS on a genetic level. It also produced the same antibodies, making it a prime candidate for a virus that the Wuhan Lab would have researched.

In early 2020, Anthony Fauci and his associates openly discussed the likelihood of a lab week in private e-mails while publicly denying it. They also privately discussed the possibility that Sars-2 resulted from “gain of function” research that Fauci personally helped fund with US taxpayer dollars.

By the end of 2020, the USA intelligence agencies concluded that lab leak was probably the origin because a huge percentage of the earliest known victims had all been near the lab. The virus appears to start in the same neighborhood as the lab and then spread out. This directly contradicts claims made by the office of the Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell in April of 2020. Grenell told the public that a lab leak was unlikely, and the virus was a naturally occurring unmodified strain that probably transferred from an animal to a human. Grenell resigned one month later in May of 2020.

Sars-2 has a gene sequence that creates two arginine proteins in a row. Researchers worldwide are saying that two back-to-back arginine proteins had never been observed in a naturally occurring strain from this coronavirus family. They say it would be unlikely to occur naturally because it just happened through a process called recombination between two strains. Strain X picks up a feature from Strain Y, giving Strain X increased lethality.

However, a feature like this is entirely consistent with strains created by “gain of function” research. These experiments use gene splicing to create different strains with two different protein groupings to see how each double protein combination will affect the virus.

Theoretically, “gain of function” research takes a harmless or relatively harmless strain of the virus and says, “what would happen if it became more a much worse threat to humans?” Of course, this research is highly controversial because new types of viruses could be either accidentally released or released on purpose as a bio-weapon.

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