Libya begins overland deportations

Two hundred illegal aliens deported yesterday

The country of Libya is still divided by a civil war that resulted from Barack Obama’s 2011 war to overthrow Gaddafi. The Turkish-backed Government of National Accord [GNA] controls an area in the northwest around Tripoli.

Long-time former CIA asset Khalifa Haftar and his Libyan National Army [LNA] control the country’s bulk. Haftar’s most prominent backers are Egypt and UAE. Tribal authorities largely control the remote southern border region.

Obama’s surprise war against Libya re-opened the floodgates of illegal immigration from Africa into Europe. Gaddafi had squashed unlawful immigration and was actively repatriating illegal migrants from Italy back to Africa.

There is finally some good news. The two rival governments of Libya are now cooperating to deport illegal migrants. The Libyan Anti-illegal Immigration Department began its first overland deportation of illegal migrants on November 24th.

Two hundred migrants were deported overland to Egypt, Sudan, and Niger.

Most of the migrants that come to Libya are young males from middle-class families. They are motivated by economics and seek a more luxurious lifestyle in Europe. They typically spend thousands of dollars in travel expenses and fees to human trafficking syndicates.


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