Jacob Bennet Greenburg

Charged with three felonies related to multiple fires set in September 2020

Jacob Bennet Greenburg, 19, was arrested in late September and again on October 20th and charged with a total of three felonies. These include felony first-degree attempted arson, felony first-degree assault, and felony first-degree reckless burning for the firebombing of the Seattle Police East Precinct on September 1st and other acts of arson during multiple days in September.

During his first arrest, prosecutors asked for bail to be set at $350k, but the judge gave him a $20k bail and released him. The local ABC affiliate KOMO also says they have two sources that he is the main suspect in a brutal assault on a police officer. This attack involved an armored riot cop being hit in the head with a metal baseball bat so hard it cracked his helmet.

Greenburg is the stepson of a former Washington state lawmaker Laura Ruderman, a Democrat, who served from 1999–2005.

Greenburg is accused of throwing a molotov cocktail at the Seattle Police East Precinct shortly after Danielle Elizabeth McMillian allegedly threw a molotov cocktail.

Greenburg has allegedly called for murdering police officers and claimed responsibility for other previous acts of arson online.

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