Interview with American POWs Andy Huynh published by Russian media

Huynh was captured by Russian forces on June 9th

Update: A longer version of the interview with Andy Huyn has now been published which also includes footage of Robert Drueke

Robert Drueke, 39, and Andy Huynh, 27 went missing in a village near Kharkov on June 9th.

An interview with Andy Huynh is now circulating on Russian social media.

He says Drueke and himself were serving in an intelligence unit operated by the Ukrainian Secret Service [SBU]. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the SBU took the place of the KGB. He says his unit was called “Task Force Baguette” because it was mostly Frenchmen. He says he only joined the unit one day before being captured.

Huynh is a veteran of the US Marine Corps.

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