How much damage can affirmative action actually cause?

Can political correctness actually get people killed?

Can Political Correctness get people killed?

Wikipedia defines political correctness as “language, policies, or measures that are intended to avoid offense or disadvantage to members of particular groups in society.” Often the proponents of political correctness will simply claim they are fostering goodwill and seeking a society where people are nicer to each other. However, when people in positions of power embrace political correctness with blind fanaticism, there can be grave consequences. 

There are two examples where blind fanaticism for political correctness directly caused a person to be killed. The first is the murder of Justine Ruszczyk in Minneapolis by a Somali police officer who was never qualified to join the force and had already been involved in numerous innocents in only two years.

The Minneapolis city government ordered its police department to hire officers from the local East African refugee population. They demanded that the police department better reflect their vision of what a politically correct police force should look like. In 2015, Somalian born Mohammed Noor was hired, even though he did not meet the minimum qualifications to be a police officer. They created a new method for hiring, called “fast-tracking,” in which an unqualified officer could be hired to meet political goals. Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges publicly bragged, on her personal Facebook page, about him being hired as a police officer. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune publicly praised his hiring as well.

However, Noor immediately started racking up complaints from the public. Then, after less than 26 months, Australian citizen Justine Ruszczyk called the police for assistance. Two officers showed up in a patrol car. Noor was sitting in the passenger seat. As Ruszczyk approached the driver’s side window, Noor reached across the driver with his gun and shot Ruszczyk dead. The was no provocation.

Noor immediately lawyered up and refused to cooperate with investigators. This was, perhaps, the biggest news story in Australia for a few days, but barely got any news coverage in the USA. Most Americans have never heard of the incident.

Eventually, ten months later, the city of Minneapolis finally charged Noor with a low-level felony. He was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison, but will likely serve only a few years. Ruszczyk’s family went on to win the largest police brutality settlement in US history against the Minneapolis police department.

All of this because Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and some others on the city council decided that the local police needed East African police officers at any cost.

Another fatality caused by this cult mentality was Joi Harris. She was a black female who had been billed as the “first female African-American motorcycle racer.” In 2017, Marvel Studios was filming Deadpool 2. Marvel Studios said the movie had to be “diverse.” They cast a light-complected racially mixed woman as a comic book character previously depicted with pale skin and blue eyes. They billed the actress as “African American,” even though her father is an ethnic German from Germany.

Then Marvel Studios said that this character needs a motorcycle stunt. Typically, car and motorcycle stunts for a female actor are actually performed by male stuntmen. However, the producers at Marvel Studios declared that, in this case, the stuntperson needed to be both female and black.

Alas, there were no trained black female motorcycle stuntwomen. So Marvel Studios actually went out and recruited Harris to do the stunt, even though she had no training or experience needed for the job. Several test stunts were performed that went poorly. The stunt coordinators begged the producers and the director to either abandon the stunt or simply get someone else to perform it.

The producers Simon Kinberg, Stan Lee, Kelly McCormick, Rhett Reese, Ryan Renoylds, Lauren Shuler Donner, Ethan Smith, Aditya Sod, and Paul Warnick were hell-bent on risking Harris’ life just to fulfill their radical ideology. According to Hollywood Reporter, the stunt coordinators eventually caved to pressure from the director and the producers and allow the stunt to take place.

To make matter worse, director David Leitch was a former stuntman and stunt coordinator himself but refused to stand up to the producers. During the first live take, Harris was killed.

High profile veteran stunt coordinator Conrad Palmisano, who has 47 years of experience, said that her death caused outrage in the Hollywood stunt community and that “the producers put pressure to have somebody of the same sex and ethnicity in a position she wasn’t qualified to be in.”

Can you give an example of how someone or a group of people got another person killed in the pursuit of their politically correct ideology?

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