Former Levi’s Jeans executive describes freefall collapse of San Francisco

"A small, vocal, punitive minority" is running the city into the ground

Jennifer Sey was a Levi’s Jeans brand executive living in San Francisco. She says the city was once the most welcoming place on the planet. Now it is a cesspit under siege by homeless drug addicts and authoritarian control freaks.

Under the Covid-19 lockdown, 50,000 public school children were kept out of school for nineteen months. During the same time, the elites sent their children to private schools that were still open. She said that because she called for public schools to be re-opened, there was a campaign to get Levi’s to fire her from her job.

She says that Levi’s groveled to the mob and forced her out of her job after twenty years.

Sey says anyone who questions anything is smeared as “racist” and fired from their job:

“A small vocal minority of ideological left-wing activists I think. It’s a very small minority and no one is pure enough, no one is good enough. and it cows the other citizens into silence. Because I actually believe most of the people there think a lot of it is crazy and nonsense. But everybody’s afraid of this vocal punitive minority and the policies that are being furthered there are harmful and destructive to this once great City.”

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