Five shot in Charleston, SC near the same location where nine people were shot last May

Funny how these shootings occur in the same places over and over

On May 23rd, 2021, there was a mass shooting at a hip hop bar in Charleston. Five people were injured. It was the one year anniversary of a mass shooting at a rap concert in North Charleston that killed a 14 year old girl and wounded fourteen other people.

Just days later, nine people where shot at a party in Charleston. When the first police car arrived, it was also shot at. Then people allegedly fought with the police. Two Black females were initially arrested. However, it appears they were arrested for fighting with police and not the actual shooting. Since then, Deljavon Lamat Simmons, a 31 year old Black male, has been charged with five counts of attempted murder in relation to the shooting.

This shooting occurred on the corner of America and South Streets. This is in census tract 000900, which was listed as 75% Black in 2010.

Now there has been five people shot on September 4th near the corner of Morris and King Streets. This is roughly 550 meters away. It is in a neighboring census tract, 000700. This census tract is only listed as 14% Black and includes wealthy areas. However, the suspects are Black.

The suspects are Tyvone Davis, 20, and an unnamed 16 year old. Currently they are being held on firearms violations while police negotiate. Several other people were detained and then released.

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