Fauci says his Covid-19 got “much worse” after taking Pfizer’s Paxlovid for five days

So he took even more of it

Anthony Fauci said he took a five-day course of Pfizer’s brand new Covid-19 drug Paxlovid. This new drug was granted “emergency use approval” by the FDA last December and is intended to reduce the risk of hospitalization in high-risk people. The drug allegedly cuts the risk of hospitalization by 45%.

Fauci says that after the five-day course, he had three days of false negatives on antigen tests. Then he says he began testing positive and his Covid-19 symptoms got “much worse” than before he took Paxlovid. Fauci concluded that he needed more of the drug. So now he is taking another five-day regimen.

In 2020, Fauci denounced Hydroxychloroquine immediately after Donald Trump praised it. Hydroxychloroquine is the synthetic version of quinine, which has been one of the most commonly used remedies for cold and flu symptoms in the western world for over 150 years. Hydroxychloroquine is sold over the counter in most of the world. In the USA, only natural quinine is sold over the counter, and Hydroxychloroquine requires a prescription. Quinine and Hydroxychloroquine are widely used worldwide to reduce inflammation in the body, as well as treating other things like malaria.

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