Elite French graduate school says USA is a leader in undermining French economic interests

Is the US waging "shadow wars" against the French economy?

l’École de Guerre Économique, or School of Economic Warfare, is a small, elite graduate school based in Paris. It offers a Masters of Business Arts in Strategy and Economic Intelligence [MSIE]. The school was founded by a former head of the French Army Intelligence Training Centre and is well known for being close to the French intelligence community. Many of the graduates go on to be executives for major companies or work for the intelligence community. The school is very highly regarded in the French academic world.

Last June, the school published a report titled “Wokism is Not Dead.” It says Wokism is creating a “climate of witch hunts” and attempts to define the scope of the problem of “wokism.”

Now the school has published a 100-page book titled “Who Is The Enemy?” The book says that major French “allies,” such as America, Britain, and Germany, are waging shadow economic wars to undermine France. They call Russia and China “secondary” threats.

The report even accuses the US of trying to undermine the French film industry in favor of Hollywood.

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