City of Chicago lists statues of Indians, Pioneers, Leif Ericson, Lincoln for possible removal

No statue of American history is safe

View a large image of six statue college shown above.

The Chicago Monuments Project is an official taxpayer-supported review of “problematic” monuments in the city. 

The Project is backed by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, The Chicago Public School District, and the Chicago Department of Parks and Recreation. Its advisory board consists of elected officials, city bureaucrats, and local “artists.” The ultimate objective of the project is to remove and replace statues. The purpose of this is to advance a radical political agenda based on Marxist Critical Theory. The belief is that a population will be more susceptible to Marxism if they are separated from their culture and history.

On Wednesday, they launched an official website targetting 41 statues and plaques that are potentially “problematic” and may need to be removed.

This statue at Lincoln Park was commissioned in 1880 by lumber magnate Martin L. Ryerson. It is inscribed with “The Ottawa Nation of Indians — my early friends.” The artist, John J. Boyle, lived with the Ottawa for two months in preparation for this work. Now it is “problematic.”

Statues/Plaques Commemorating Conflicts between the US Government and American Indians: 3

Statues/Mural depicting cooperation between early settlers and American Indians: 2

Statues of American Indians: 4

Statues/Plaques for Robert Cavelier De La Salle: 2

Statue of Lady Liberty: 1

Monument for the Centennial of the state of Illinois: 1

Statues/Plagues for Jolliet and Marquette: 3

Statues for Pioneers: 3

Statue of Christopher Columbus: 3

Statue of Police Officer: 1

Monument for Italo Balbo: 1

Bust of Melville Fuller: 1

Statue of Leif Ericson: 1

The Statue of the Republic. This is a 1913 replica of the original statue from the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. It was designated as a famous landmark by the state of Illinois in 2003. Now it is “problematic.”

Statue of William McKinley: 1

Statues of Abraham Lincoln: 5

Statue of General John Logan: 1

Statue of General Philip Henry Sheridan: 1

Statue of General Ulysses S. Grant: 1

Statue of Benjamin Franklin: 1

Statue of George Washington: 2

Plaque for Kinzie Mansion: 1

Plaque for Chicago River: 1

Plaque for Baptiste Beaubien: 1

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