BLM activist charged with murder of teen and attack on pregnant woman and her child

Vicious string of violence

Marson Weh, 24, has been charged with the stabbing murder of 15-year-old Michael Garr in Upper Darby, PA, on April 21st. The victim was walking home from his girlfriend’s house at the time. Police say the killing was random, and they have no motive.

Weh graduated from Upper Darby High School in 2019, where he played football. He also played football at Juniata College for one year before dropping out.

Public records show he was booked into Huntington County Prison on 10/11/21, then the Centre County Correctional Facility on 11/11/21, and released on 1/6/22.

He was arrested after the stabbing on May 2nd and admitted to being in a surveillance video taken near the crime scene. According to local media, Weh was still wearing the same long underwear from April 21st, and it had a blood stain. Yet it took the authorities seven months to complete a DNA test allegedly showing that the blood came from Garr.

Weh was held on unrelated charges at the George Hill Correctional Facility from May 3rd until July 11th.

After being released, he was extradited to Ohio for assault and auto theft. He was booked into the Warren Correctional Institution on October 3rd and is not scheduled to be released until January 6th, 2033.

During the investigation, police also connected him to the brutal stabbing and carjacking of a pregnant woman that occurred on February 7th, 2023. Weh allegedly slashed the woman’s throat and stabbed her in the abdomen multiple times. The unnamed woman was holding another child who was stabbed in the leg. Weh allegedly took her keys and fled in her car.

Police say that the DNA work done on the Weh murder case also provided significant evidence linking Weh to the savage attack on the pregnant woman and her child.

Weh is now in the process of being extradited to face charges in Pennsylvania.


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5 months ago

the agenda is in full swing