Armed BLM rally calls for open warfare with police at Gulfport, MS rally

"We dare you too shot"

Jackson, MS elected a Black racial separatist Chokwe Lumumba as their mayor in 2017. Lumumba was famous for advocating that Jackson become the capital of a new all-Black nation called The Republik of New Africa. Today, Lumumba’s son, Chokwe Antar Lumumba, is the current mayor.

The result is that Jackson, MS is the murder capital of America, if not the murder capital of the entire western hemisphere. South Africa is now a relatively safe place to live compared to Jackson. The city’s infrastructure is in collapse. There is a ongoing drinking water crises and an ongoing garbage pickup crises. Tax revenue from the city, state, and federal government has evaporated without being spent to maintain city services and infrastructure.

If these Black racial militants have their way, the entire state of Mississippi will become one giant Jackson.

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