$10 million in Covid-19 relief will go to “slavery reparations” in Providence, RI

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza has earmarked $10 million in federal Covid-19 relief for “slavery reparations.”

Prior to 1950, Providence was nearly 100% White. Today it is only 34% White. The largest ethnic group in the city is Latinos at 44%. Blacks make up 16%, and Asians make up 5%.

During nationwide rioting by the Black Lives Matter [BLM] movement, Elorza launched the “Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Committee.” The city paid for a 194-page report from the “African American Ambassador Group.” This report, naturally, says White people are to blame for Black underachievement.

The goal, according to Elorza, is to use the money for Blacks and American Indians. However, it is illegal to earmark federal funds to specific racial groups. Instead, the funds are being earmarked for particular zip codes. Blacks and American Indians living in these zip codes will automatically be enrolled. However, members of other races can apply if they make less than $50k annually.

The money will allegedly fund workforce training, homeownership and financial literacy courses, and small business accelerators.

Rhode Island banned slavery with the Gradual Emancipation Act of March 1, 1784.

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