Violet Affleck demands masks to protect “POCs” and “Trans”

Ultimate Drama Queen

For most of Western Civilization’s history, actors and entertainers held the same social status as prostitutes. This spans from well before the birth of Christ to the Renaissance. This is why teenage boys historically played many women. It was considered unbecoming of any respectable woman to be an actor. This is also why theater companies in America and Europe became heavily Jewish by the 1800s. Jewish communities did not share the aversion to being a professional entertainer, which was common among Christian Europeans.

However, now we have the complete inverse of transitional views towards actors, where society’s hero worships actors. In European countries, the hero worship of people who play children’s games for a living is being used as a justification for open borders.

This is the result. One of Ben Affleck’s daughters is desperately trying to get public attention by calling herself a “trans man.” The other is doing this.




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5 days ago

She missed her calling as an auctioneer.